thinking about investing in the property market?

Investing in the property market requires the same care and attention to detail you would use for any investment; therefore choosing the right property, the right mortgage and having a full understanding of your finances and HMRC buy to let (BTL) tax rules is essential.


Major tax changes came into force in 2017 affecting BTL mortgage tax relief, if you are new to BTL we, therefore, we recommend you take advice from an accountant before investing. 


McCoy Mortgages are providers of BTL mortgages for the different types of investor: first-time landlords to experienced landlords with property portfolio’s and for properties being bought through a limited company. We are a whole of the market buy to let broker and have over two thousand products available with deposits starting from as low as 15%. 

Want to move but not sell your existing home? It’s called Let to Buy

Sometimes people want to move but either find it difficult to sell their existing property or prefer to keep it as an investment. A lot of lenders will allow customers to keep their existing residential property and let it out in order to move to a new one. If your current won’t agree to this, a different lender can often be found.


Although this type of transaction is fairly common care must to be taken to ensure it doesn’t affect your borrowing for your main residential purchase. 


McCoy Mortgages is happy to give advice and apply for decisions in principle for buy to let and let to buy mortgages on behalf of both existing and new clients at no charge.